Dr. Swanz Caught Covid-19 part 1

Here’s the YouTube video of Dr. Swanz sharing his Covid-19 story, part 1.

How’d you catch it?

Not sure how or where I was exposed to Covid-19. The vast majority of cases continue to come on within 5 days of exposure. I first noticed my unusual symptoms on a Sunday evening. So it is likely I was exposed sometime between Tuesday and Sunday. I did not have contact with anyone else during that time period that was known to be positive. During all of my time out before coming down with Covid-19 I was wearing a mask and taking the recommended precautions. 


How’d you feel?

It started on Sunday night when I finished my shower. My back felt achy and I felt chilled. I checked my temperature and I was not running a fever. My temp was 98.2 degrees. Things just seemed a bit off. I slept pretty well on Sunday but woke feeling chilled and achy all over my back. I fixed myself a raspberry emergen-c packet and joked that I wasn’t too worried because I could taste it just fine. I decided to make an appointment to get tested at my office and I also scheduled an IV vitamin C drip for later in the morning.

My daytime symptoms were limited to chills, body aches, and fatigue. The worse I felt was Monday and Tuesday and my symptoms improved every day till I felt normal other than fatigue on Friday. I never ran a fever or had a temperature over 98.9 degrees. Which may be a bit warmer than I have been running at my office during the past few months. When I check it in the morning at my office it always tends to be around 97.7. So it is possible that I was running a low grade fever that would not have registered as a fever anywhere else. It makes me question if 100.0 is too high of a cut off for screening at my office or other establishments. It could be more important to have an individual’s baseline and/or encourage self monitoring at home.

I never lost my taste or smell. I never ran a fever above 99. I did not have a cough or shortness of breath. I did not feel congested or sinus pressure, or have any sinus or post nasal drainage. I did have fatigue, but I did not nap.

On Monday, the night after I got tested and the night of my worse symptomatic day I had significant night sweats. I woke up and my bed was totally soaked. I was sleeping alone because my wife and I decided we should keep apart until my results came back. I had to grab some towels to put on the bed so that I could go back to sleep. I had to strip the bed and wash the sheets the next morning. And then I slept on towels for Tuesday and Wednesday night. I had a very small amount of sweating on Tuesday night and none on Wednesday. 


What did you do while you were sick and waiting for the results?

I immediately started taking immune supports on Monday after I got home from the covid test and IV vitamins. Please reach out through my website if you are interested in more information about the supports I used. 

I did take 200 mg of ibuprofen on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night before bed. I took it to help with the achiness in my back so that I could get a more restful night’s sleep. I think it help quite a bit and I’m glad it isn’t something I use regularly. 

I continued to use the Neti Daily when I showered and I wonder if that helped to keep my sinuses clear.

It took 3 days for me to get the positive results from my covid test. 

By the Saturday following my positive test, I was feeling mostly back to normal physically. Just a bit more tired overall than would be typical. I waited till 10 days after my positive to get retested and that result came back negative but still required 2 days for processing. So my covid infection required 12 days of self quarantine. 

Not my wife nor anyone else that I was in contact with the few days before developing my first symptoms showed any signs of illness and everyone that took a test tested negative. 


What were the worst aspects of having Covid-19?

A fear that I may have passed it unknowingly onto someone before I became symptomatic – which was not the case and did not happen.

A fear that I might have passed it on to a loved one that I had close contact with in the first day of my symptoms developing – which was not the case and did not happen.

Waiting for the results of my first covid test was nerve wracking and it took 3 days to get the results because of the sheer volume of tests that are being submitted currently in KY.

Staying quarantined and waiting to take a follow up test and then waiting for those results. I waited for 5 days after I effectively felt back to normal before taking my follow up test (which was 10 days from the first test) and it took 2 more days to get those results. So I was quarantined for 12 days total, 5 of which I would consider symptomatic for covid and 7 of which were no longer symptomatic. I did continue to take my immune supports as described until I got the negative covid test at which point I decreased everything to twice a day.

The night sweats on Monday night were the worst of all my symptoms, part of that is because it was a pain to have to figure out how to sleep after I woke up soaked and freezing. The subsequent and milder night sweats on Tuesday and Wednesday were less bothersome in severity as well as not requiring me to get out of bed because I slept on towels.

The aches in my upper back were bothersome and became less so after each subsequent day. The day ibuprofen helped me to sleep and during the day the discomfort was tolerable. 


So what’s next?

I’m going to continue on with some general immune supports.

Check my antibodies in 2 weeks.

Check my antibodies in 2.5 months.

Continue to take the same precautions when out in the public.


Thanks for watching my video and sharing it.

Please reach out directly through the Dr. Swanz connect page if you are wanting more information about the specific immune supports that I used.

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