The Therapeutic Order of Healing

The Therapeutic Order of Healing

This is the direction healing should take from beginning to end.
1. Identify and Remove causes of disease
2. Establish a Healthy Regimen
3. Stimulate the Self Healing Mechansims
4. Support Weakened or Damaged Systems
5. Correct Structural Integrity
6. Address Pathology
7. Suppress Pathology

I like to check back in with the Therapeutic order once and awhile to make sure I am sticking to my ideals about healing and the philosophy central to Naturopathic Medicine. I believe this order of healing transcends modalities, and is more about restoring balance to the patients underlying vitality than utilizing any specific treatment method. This is crucial as practitioners. It is easy to get wrapped up in the newest herb, or procedure, or pharmaceutical drug… and then find oneself quickly prescribing it to every patient regardless of the individual imbalance from which each patient may suffer.

Hopefully this reminder now and then will allow me to share this more clearly with my patients through my actions, thoughts, and words. I believe it is crucial that the patient also grasps this understanding. Then they are more likely to embrace the changes necessary to support total healing. This is the ultimate goal.

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