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Dr. Swanz works with adults ready to take responsibility for their health transformation. There are no magic, quick-fix bullets to transform health in a holistic and lasting manner. Every individual’s journey will be different, and Dr. Swanz works collaboratively to help the individual navigate the path back towards health. Now is the time to invest in your health for the long term.


Dr. Swanz educates and supports parents throughout their child’s infancy and adolescence as they strive to create a healthy and optimal home environment for developing children. Parents will feel empowered to use both conventional and alternative supports as needed to best encourage health and healing. Dr. Swanz is grateful for the opportunity to be a vital member of a growing child’s health team.


To transform health, it requires a team effort. When a family comes on board together, there is no limit to what is possible. Very quickly new lifestyle practices become habits, and the cultivation of healthy habits is crucial to optimizing health. Dr. Swanz is grateful for the opportunity to be a valuable member of your family’s health team. He wants to work with families to help develop achievable and significant health goals that will benefit all members, while also focusing on specific support when needed for individuals.

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